Student Council

The student council of TJA consists of the Main Head, a.k.a the president, the vice president, the secretary, and the advisor. It is through this hierarchy that a great deal of work gets segregated and dealt with accordingly. The student council acts as a bridge and a mediator that makes sure to resolve concurrent problems plaguing both the students and teachers, whilst maintaining a transparent flow of information between both sides. Innovation and integration are the main focuses of the student council. To accomplish both goals, the student council receives feedback from both parties and integrates new solutions into already existing formulas governing the structure of the school.

The Student Council has permission to facilitate events that promote its mission, such as the following:

The 2024 student council is composed of several branches within the main body.

Main body:

President - Immanuel

Vice president - Ahran, Suhan

Advisor - Yejun


Class representatives - Vika (Grade 10), Haein (Grade 11), Eunyul (Grade 9)

Editorial Branch - Yechan

Event Branch - Seojun, Jihyeon, Haneul, Joohyeong