What are the school hours?

School days start at 8:20 and finish at 15:45 for elementary school and 16:00 for secondary school.

Does the school provide bus service?

No, the school does not provide bus service.

Does the school provide lunches?

No, the school does not provide lunches.

Is there a mandatory school uniform?

No, but students are expected to wear modest and appropriate clothing, respecting others' diverse home and local cultures.

Do you accept students during the school year?

Yes, we have families join TJA throughout the academic year. Enrollment is considered on the availability of space and whether or not the child is fit to be a TJA student.

What kind of diploma do you offer to graduating students?

We follow the US education system based on Carnegie credits and offer a General Diploma when graduating grade 12. Students are encouraged to take SAT, AP, SAT II, and TOEFL iBT tests as they advance to their senior year of secondary school. 

May I take the standardized tests at Tashkent Joy Academy?

We are not a recognized school center to conduct and host official College Board tests; however, we offer support to students in need of help with flight fares and other necessities during their travels to authorized test center schools in neighboring countries.